Link: ResourcefulRevenue
Year: 2017

ResourcefulRevenue Website


Link: HolyShipMcMurrays
Year: 2017

This website was created for the wedding of Mark McMurray and Jamie Bozarth which will be held on October 13, 2017.

MySam Portal

Link: MySam Portal
Year: 2017

The old MySam Portal is getting retired so I was tasked with creating a new portal for SHSU Faculty, Staff, and Students to use hosted in the SHSU DotCMS.

SHSU Homecoming

Link: SHSU Homecoming
Year: 2016

I served on the homecoming committee and was tasked with making a website for 2016 SHSU Homecoming. The theme was Bearkat Heroes so I went with a comic style layout. This site is built with Foundation for Sites framework.

SHSU Email Template

Link: SHSU Email Template
Year: 2016

Email template created to send out on and off-campus mass emails. This template is still used to this day.

The Hospitality House

Link: The Hospitality House
Year: 2014

Launched this updated Hospitality House website in June 2014 as a volunteer and keep it updated to this day on a volunteer basis.

SHSU Kappa Sigma

Link: SHSU Kappa Sigma
Year: 2013

Created this website for the Kappa Sigma Fraternity at Sam Houston State University when I joined. This site uses the Bootstrap framework and php to bring in repeatable content.

Simply Etsy

Link: Simply Etsy
Year: 2015

I wanted a nice responsive way to embed an etsy shops listings on a webpage that I could create custom styles for so I created this plugin to do just that. I also converted this to a wordpress plugin with the ability to place an etsy shop's listings on your blog/site using shortcodes.


Link: GregariousArt
Year: 2017

Made for an artist.